Determining the right consulting firm in today's crowded marketplace can be a daunting task, often overwhelming. Moreover, selecting a consulting firm based on size, brand, and pricing can lead to calamitous results if the team selected is not the "right team". Why is The GARR Consulting Group the "right team".

Our Goal is to build your Best Practice!

  • We focus on a holistic approach to your organization, incorporating all components of a corporate operating model. This means that we have an eye on your corporate strategy as change occurs. No "cookie cutter" recommendations, just implementable, practical solutions that get results.
  • We are implementation and results oriented. Experience demonstrates that sustainable change only results from inclusion of client personnel in the process, not exclusion from it, which is why our team based approach works so effectively.

  • We offer a high level of industry experience and expertise. Our consultants offer 15-20 years of both practical industry and consulting experience.

Holistic Approach

We have an eye on your corporate strategy as change occurs. We ensure that change is in alignment with your overall business strategy. We understand that today's change is critical for tomorrow's success in a rapidly evolving economy. Few initiatives will produce the desired result without consideration for all operating model components… people, process, strategy, technology, performance management, customer service and organization.


Customers (external as well as internal) come first in highly competitive business environments like retail and wholesale distribution. Our implementation focus is to ensure that the customer stays first.


We align all demand chain functions by focusing the entire process on better serving the customer. Our industry experience and the associated direct contact with the consumers allow us to bring solutions that work best for the consumer and for you.

We'll provide:

  1. Implemented solutions
  2. Regular scheduled management updates to review results achieved
  3. A developed transfer implementation strategy
  4. Scope definition and approach for rollout

Team Based Projects

We are implementation and results oriented. While some firms provide "paper solutions", we ensure success by partnering with your management team to see that the job is done right. Our working style is focused on collaboration and teamwork.


We conduct brainstorming sessions aimed at incorporating all departments which may be impacted by change. Our experience tells us that "inclusion" is preferable to "exclusion" and that "buy-in" is extremely important to the overall success of any project.


We know how to interact and work well with all levels of employees - from store stockers and warehouse personnel to the Executive Team.


Our team and implementation approach ensures success, through:
  1. Project Coordinator Development
  2. Brainstorming Sessions
  3. Value Added Analysis
  4. Knowledge Transfer Approach
  5. Performance Measurement
  6. Train-the-Trainer Sessions
  7. Creation of a Change Ready Team Throughout the Organization
  8. Team Member Involvement Throughout the Process
  9. Being Culture Sensitive
  10. Results Oriented

Industry Experience and Expertise

Because of our extensive industry experience and expertise, our learning curve is minimal. We understand competitive factors that shape your industry, industry standards, and operating processes which result in a higher return on your investment dollar though more rapid implementation


We understand your business. Our clients cross most retail and wholesale distribution market segments- virtually every facet of the retail and wholesale distribution industries. Most of our consultants are former retailers with experience across a broad base of business solutions


We offer established alliances with various firms across the United States to better assist our clients by providing experienced consulting expertise across all facets of the business operating model. In other words, if we don't have the expertise staffing-in house, we will help you find the firm that is right for you.

The GARR Consulting Group, from the "stockroom to the boardroom", does make a difference!